Engineering, Procurement & Construction
ANDÓ ENERGY is 100% committed to guide you throughout your total Renewable Power Project.

From finding a suitable location for a project and ensures that these are prepared for construction through project development, contracting, construction, supervision and management of the Power Plant and even the maintenance over its total life span.

ANDÓ ENERGY will commit to handling every possible aspect of the Project.
Project Management
Administrative Project Development
From an administrative point of view ANDÓ ENERGY can take care of the following aspects of your project :
  • Set-up and negotiation of the MOU and PPA
  • Make sure all the necessary guarantees are in compliance
  • Take care of the permissions : environmental & construction
  • Any type or sort of contract and subsidies opportunities
  • Technical and Economical Due diligence
Technical Aspects
Technical Project Development
Besides all the necessary administration ANDÓ ENERGY organize the technical project development :
  • Conduct a Feasibility study
  • Supervision of the construction planning
  • Prepare a technical Project Screening Report
  • Detailed location studies for wind and solar
  • Assessment of the possibilities to connect to a substation of the existing electrical grid
Actual Building
Construction & Installation
After the thorough Project Development ANDÓ ENERGY will support the construction and installation of the power plant :
  • Find and engage local engineering and construction companies
  • Recruit local workers, engineers and managers / supervisors
  • And of course, the follow-up of the project during the construction phase, in conjunction with the manufacturers of the generators, cabling and others
Production & After Service
Operation, Maintenance & Management
ANDÓ ENERGY will not only guide you through the whole process of the development, construction and installation of the power plant, but also the operation and after care :
  • Create a local technical support company with local qualified technicians
  • Synchronization of the plant with the electrical grid
  • Operation and technical Maintenance