Ando Energy
Our Different Areas of Expertise
ANDÓ ENERGY is a company with more than 20 years of experience, founded by Antonio Scarpone and specialized in Renewable Energy Projects.
The expertise of the company focusses on a total concept of Administrative & Technical Development, Construction, Training, Maintenance and Operation. All of this commissioned by investors.
Today the main focus is on the evaluation of new technologies (e.g. Electrical Power plant with the use of Hybrid Generators). Not only the technical but also the economic feasibility is part of the package.
Renewable Energy Projects
Amongst the different projects
  • A wind mill park of 72MW in Italy
  • Solar Park of 20 MW in Africa
  • Development for electrification of farms in Africa
  • Project development for +2000 MW
  • Other developments in wind and solar under NDA contract
Business Development
Build an EPHG
Today the main focus for ANDÓ ENERGY is the research and development of the business around New Technologies.

With the Electrical Power Plant using Hybrid Generators (EPHG) we have a concept that is 100% ready for immediate implementation.

Not only from a technical point of view but also as investment opportunities.
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