Electrical Power with the use of Hybrid Generators (EPHG)
What is it?
ANDÓ ENERGY is currently making clean, reliable energy affordable with unique on-site power generation systems which utilize an innovative clean energy technology without any carbon fuel stock. The technology features a 60 kW generator that combines different known technologies. An EPHG is to be sited close to an existing Power Substation.

ANDÓ ENERGY is the authorized developer and ECP contractor.

Our technology is 100% tested, approved and patented by an independent organism. This means the concept of building a power plant is fully ready for production and immediate delivery.

Insurance Companies have granted a Global Warranty, ensuring the Product Performance and Preventative Maintenance Program.
Technical Specifications
One Hybrid Generator
Nominal power 1 generator = 60 kw
Production of 100% Clean Electricity
Completely with 0% fossil fuels
Production 24/7/365
Full Load Hours : 7844 to 8760 hours per year
Annual Production : Minimum 473 MWh / year
Weight per Generator = 3T
Satellite connection for precise monitoring
Constant production without fluctuations
A EPHG Power Plant Technology
The Basic Characteristics
Technical Aspects :
  • The ground-breaking technology is based on existing Electromotor technology with specific modifications to Coils and Magnets.
  • The concept is the recuperation, storage & reutilization of the Back EMF (Electro Magnetic Force) in an electromotor.
  • This way less power is needed to achieve the same amount of Horsepower.
  • The battery will be constantly 100% charged with a guaranteed lifespan of more than 20 years.

And all of this only needs a simple building with no special permits for foundations, environmental, ...
A 25 MW Power Plant
Technical Aspects
In the graph on the right-hand side you can find all the characteristics for a 25 MW Power Plant using our Hybrid Generator technology.

The building of such a Power Plant requires an extremely short implementation trajectory : a 25 MW EPHG can be operational in less than 10-12 months.

No need for extra-long procedures to achieve construction and environmental permit.
Comparison Wind and Solar
How efficient is an EPHG?
EPHG is 100% clean energy with no use of fossil fuels and 0% CO2 emission.
Due to the space needed for the power plant there is an optimal balance between efficiency and footprint, meaning less nuisance to the environment.
Possibilities for decentralization of electricity supply thanks to flexible sizing of the plants and project throughput time.